Simple Blog (list of pages)


This product is electronically distributed.

This add-on allows you to display the list of the pages availble in the storefront like any well-known blog does . The list of pages can be displayed with short descrition as well as with thumbnails.

Another good feature of the add-on is the ability to define what pages you want to display. It can be easily achieved by using the "parent page id" option at the add-on configuration page. Take a look at screenshots for more details.


  • Ability to filter pages to be displayed in the blog
  • Separate thumbnail can be uploaded for each page
  • Separate short description can be set for each page
  • SEO name for the main blog page
  • Pagination is available


1. Copy the entire content of the archive to the cs-cart directory

2. In the add-ons list click install link next to "Tables of contents" addon

3. Configure the addon, select the parent page id which child pages will be displayed in the table of contents, leave it empty if you want all pages to be displayed.

4. On the page configuration section go to Add-ons tab and add a short description for the page.

5. After the page is saved you will also be able to add an icon to it at the Add-ons tab.

6. Create new link "Pages" in the top menu (Design -> Top menu) with the following URL: index.php?dispatch=pages.list

7. Clear cache using "&cc" parameter in the admin area


"What is this addon for?"

- This addon allows you to display the list of pages with thumbnails in the storefront.

"Does this add-on use pagination? How can I set the number of items per page?"

- Yes it uses pagination. You can define the number of elements per page in the appereance settings (Settings -> Appereance) by modifying the "Elements per page" parameter

"What does "Parent page id" parameter mean?"

- The name of the page with this id will be displayed as a header in the table of contens page. Only the objects that have this page as a parent will be inlucded into the list.

"I can not add an icon for the page"

- Make sure you are browsing already created page and not a new one. You can not add an icon for the page if this page has not yet been created.


  • v3.0.x
  • v2.2.x
  • English
  • Russian
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