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This add-on will help you configure related products (analogues). Related products can be useful when you have many products with similar characteristics so customer can easily find the most suitable ones. It also configures a product and its accessories.

The main feature of the paid version is tags - which allow you to generate related products automatically. Besides in this module you can use blocks which allow you to set up any product template to display related products.

See the detailed tutorial on how this addon works in the Extended version of Related products add-on for CS-Cart article.

Compatible with CS-Cart v4.11.x, v4.10.x, v4.9.x .. v4.0.x, v3.0.x & v2.2.x!


- easy to use of cross-selling tool for CS-Cart;

- ability to create two sets of related products e.g. "related products" and "product accessories"

- ability to use blocks or product tabs for related products;

- three modes that allow linking related products: "Bi-directional", "Cross-linked" & "No links";

- no need to connect related products to each other manually;

- related tags allow you to generate relations automatically;

- import/export feature of related tags or related ids.


After you place the order, and it is processed you will receive a email with link to download add-on package.

Usually it takes not more than several minutes to get order processed.


vi the CS-Cart interface:

1. Go to the Add-ons page in Admin area of your store and click "+" in the top right corner.

2. Select the download package and click

via the console:

1. Copy the entire content of the archive to the directory with installed CS-Cart store

2. In the admin area go to the add-ons list and click install "Related products (extended)" add-on

3. Configure the add-on, select a product list template to display analogues

4. On the product detailed page go to tab: "Related products", pick the products and click "Save"

5. Create a new block Products in the Block manager, with content filling "Related products"

6. Now you will see the related products on the product detailed page in the storefront.


"I can do this using blocks, why do I need this add-on?"

- This addon sets bidirectional links between products. So if you set the product B as a related to product A, then product A will be set as related for product B automatically.

"What does "Select the product links type" option mean?"

- This option allows you to select between these two link types. First one is cross-linked so if you add product B, C, D to A as related then each of these products will have three others as related. The other one is bi-directional, so you will have only product A as related for B, C, D

"Why the related tab not displayed in the customer area?"

- Try to clear cache. For more details please go to: Also make sure you have created the product tab with Related products block.

"What does "Fill related products" setting means?"

- This option can have either one of the values "Manually" or "By tags". Allows you to add related products manually at Related products tab at product detailed page. Tags will generate related products automatically. Product will be added to reelated in case it has any of the parent product tags

"What do tags mean?"

- The main idea of tags is to fill related products based on related tags. For example, you add tags "phone, apple" to the your "iPhone 4s" product, so after you click "Save" button all products that have either "phone" or "apple" tags will be added to related.

"My accessory products have block named "Accessories". How can I change block name at products that are accessories to 'Compatible with'?"

- If you use related products for accessories than probably you will need to have this block to be name differently based on the product type. If it is main product page than the block should be named "Accessories for this product". However if it is accessory product page than the name should be something like "Compatible with". In order to achieve this we need to create two blocks at Product Layout. The first one will be named "Accessories for his product" and contain products with filling "Accessories" and the second one will be named "Compatible with" and also contain products with filling "Accessories". After that using tab status we should enable each of the blocks only for these products were it should be displayed. E.g. if I have product "Iphone 4c" than I will enable for this product block "Accessories for this product" and disable block "Compatible with".


  • 4.10.x
  • 4.11.x
  • 4.9.x
  • v4.8.x
  • v4.7.x
  • v4.6.x
  • v4.5.x
  • v4.4.x
  • v4.3.x
  • v4.2.x
  • v4.1.x
  • v4.0.x
  • v3.0.x
  • v2.2.x
  • English
  • Russian
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
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  • CS-Cart RUS Ultimate
This add-on was a God send to me. My store will ultimately offer over 30,000 different cabinet knobs and pulls and I do all of my product creation via CSV import. I needed a means of grouping "families" of hardware together so that when a customer viewed a cabinet knob on the product page, the other coordinating members would appear as well.

It just took a quick custom macro in Excel to make this happen, and now my related products are all created seamlessly when I do an import. This has saved me countless hours of tedious work. Easy peezy.

I have only one small complaint. As I mentioned, I am using the "tag" feature of the Add-on. This basically is a bi-directional search where ALL products that share a given tag will always point to one another as related products.

Because of this, I am not able to use the other fantastic functionality of this add-on, where I could make my related products unidirectional. In other words, there are many instances where I'd want product X to show up as a related product to product Y, but NOT the other way around.

To use an example, many of my products require screws. I would like for the appropriate type of screw to show up as a related product whenever a user views a product that requires them, but that last thing I want is for a zillion products to be displayed whenever a customer clicks any other product that also requires the same kind of screw. Not good.

Note to the developer... if you ever get around to improving this add-on as I described above, I'd be your first customer, and gladly pay you for the privilege.
Thank you for the great add-on. Was able to do this type of cross referencing/selling in my old eCommerce software, but found it not easily done within CS-Cart. Getting this functionality back is well worth the money. It is now working on a CS-Cart Ultimate 3.0.4. site.
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