CS-Cart is one of the most ambitious and rapid-developing ecommerce solutions. The functionality suits the price; 
expansion potential makes it possible to avoid upgrade issues because of addons; there is truly a wide range of opportunity to do your business.

However, no matter how good cs-cart is, its primary goal is popularity. Therefore, there is a need to 
localize it to your needs and also to explore functionality which can be excessive and slow down the speed of the store networking.

In the light of the current internet business,every detail can cause negative or positive profit. Therefore, when choosing a platform for your future internet business, it is essential to dig into detail not only as an owner, but also to get to know the technical side, which is not always an easy task. Given that technical support requires up to a week to drill into the essence of the issue, we decided there has to be a help chain - a professional  who will promptly and thoroughly answer any of your questions after analyzing your store.

When should you use this service?

  • if you have an issue with a cs-cart based store: low speed, too many clients, problems with any functionality
  • if you plan to expand your business and increase usability of your sore: you need to test it for fail-safety, analyses of weaknesses during high loads, server recommendations
  • if you have ideas on how to improve your store and you are looking for a professional who is knowledgeable in cs-cart
  • if you are planning to start or stop using cs-cart platform, you need to know the differences in functions of these platforms, evaluate the time frame and cost of transfer on the market of web development 


Consulting service fees depend on every case, and are calculated based on the time spent on the task. In order to calculate the cost of your task, please fill out this form


Custom development
We offer a wide range of additional developments for CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor platform. We try to follow the addon principles, which allow us to avoid issues with new version releases. Besides, if these functions are valuable for you, they will be valuable for other users, too. 
So we will share them and you will receive a discount. You can find such addons on our site for free 

In order to evaluate your modification, fill out this form with a detailed description of all necessary changes. It is helpful if you outline the goal of modification and how it should operate in your store. Should you have any examples of how it has been implemented, it would also be helpful.

Payment modules integration
There are over 70 payment systems implemented in cs-cart, but this is not always enough to satisfy
the needs of a specific store. Often it is needed to add a new system which is not part of the default
delivery. We will be happy to help you. You will need to send us a completed form and provide an
instruction on the payment system you need. Usually this instruction can be obtained from payment technical support.

Integration cost depends on the payment system and the module, the costs are from 150 $ and up.