Terms and Conditions


This product is electronically distributed.

This add-on will display the text of your "terms and conditions" at the checkout page. So customer can read the full text without leaving the checkout page. There is also an option to send "terms and conditions" text in the invoice.
Compatible with CS-Cart v2.x.x, v3.0.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x & 4.2.x

  • no changes in core files are required;
  • multi-lingual "terms and conditions" texts are supported;
  • html tags are supported in a "terms and conditions" text;
  • text can be also emailed within invoice if required.

1. Copy the entire content of the archive to the cs-cart directory
2. In the admin area go to the add-ons list and click install "Terms and conditions" add-on
3. Configure the add-on:
- if "Display terms and conditions text on invoice" checkbox is enabled then the "terms and conditions" text will be also sent in the invoice.
4. Update language variable "terms_text" using "Administration -> Languages" section; here you should set the "terms and conditions" text using HTML tags.
5. Please make sure the "Ask customers to agree with terms & conditions during checkout" option from the "Settings -> General" is enabled.
6. After the above steps are completed the "terms and conditions" text will be displayed on the fourth step of the checkout.

"What is this add-on for?"
- This add-on allows the administrator to display full text of terms and conditions at the checkout stage, and in the invoice if required.
"How can I change the 'terms and conditions' text?"
- You should update the "terms_text" language variable in the "Administration -> Languages" section of admin area.
"I can't see my terms text at checkout page, what is wrong?"
- Please make sure the "Ask customers to agree with terms & conditions during checkout" option from the "Settings -> General" page is enabled.


  • v4.2.x
  • v4.1.x
  • v4.0.x
  • v3.0.x
  • v2.2.x
  • v2.1.x
  • English
  • Russian
  • Multi-Vendor
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Professional
Great Job on this one.

Btw: in The Netherlands a certified webshop is obligated to displey the Terms & Conditions prior to the very last "submit" button, so this feature is more than welcome!
Simply brilliant! Easy to set up.

It would be nice to have more options in Addon (such as Include on Invoice Y/N, or Height of Text Box for Terms, or Display Checkbox at bottom of Terms (or below box).)

Keep up the fantastic work!
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